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From 0 To 75K Subscribers

MRKTNG Inbox is the brainchild of One MRKTNG. 

As a group agency, they have previously had the pleasure of working with many Fortune 500 brands from CitiGroup, Boeing, Intel, MarGen, Nike and many, many more.

They sat down one evening and wanted to build one of the most iconic (and industry-leading) newsletters specifically aimed at marketing roles. 

Despite alll their experience (and connections), they had little-to-no experience in email marketing and, more the the point, growing a list.

That’s where we came in.

Through a mutual connection, we sat down with the founders and outlined our experience in growing email lists.

From there, they liked our input and our ideas to tackle things differently. 

From there, a strong relationship was born from within their nC-Suite and our founders which has led to their phenomenal growth and our continuing bond of growth and excitement of pushing new ideas and boundaries.

To date, their growth has gone from 0 to over 75K subscribers to date and continues to grow over 17& month and month since writing this – which, if you know, if beyond incredible results.